Connecting rigs, FPSO’s and vessels

The Oil & Gas industry can benefit greatly by connecting rigs, FPSO’s and vessels to the Shefa network. By connecting rigs, FPSO’s and vessels to the Shefa network, Shefa offers secure and reliable high-speed, low-latency 4G LTE capacity from rigs, FPSO’s and vessels to onshore offices.

Co-operation between rigs, FPSO’s and vessels and onshore offices can be much more effective. Large amounts of data can be transmitted directly in real time and companies will be able to take advantage of rigs, FPSO’s and vessels being connected to onshore offices.

Shefa has the experience and expertise, with a local 4G LTE coverage in Faroese waters, and already having established 4G LTE capacity solutions for the Oil & Gas industry West of Shetland from 2018.


Brian R. Rasmussen

Project Manager
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Erik E. Thomsen

Sales Manager
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